Guide for authors

Manuscript format and Arrangement:

Manuscripts (ms) should be written in English and should be generally as concise as possible. Pages of ms should be numbered on the bottom of each page in Arabic numerals.

Title page: This first page of each article should indicate the type of article: (original paper, short communication, invited reviews, letter to the editor, etc). It should also indicate the title, running title (not more than 50 characters and spaces), full name(s) of each author, in the following format (First Name .Initial. Surname), each author’s affiliation, Indicated with superscript beside the author’s name. An asterisk should be placed after the name of the corresponding author...

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Reviewer's Guide

Peer review is a critical factor in promoting the rigor and high quality of scientific research. The entire scientific community benefits when the peer-review process is timely, thorough, and balanced. The editors of Journal of Experimental Research, greatly appreciate the collective contribution that reviewers make to our journal and the articles they publish. We hope that the guidelines...

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