Guide for authors

Manuscripts are published in English using United Kingdom spelling. However, articles will not be rejected purely based on the basis of lack of acquaintance with the style of written English language. The editors will provide support for the authors whose first language is not English. For all matters related to the manuscript, a corresponding author should be appointed by the authors. All manuscripts received are duly acknowledged and reviewed in the beginning by our editors for suitability for our journal before proceeding for the formal peer review. We will immediately reject manuscripts with insufficient creativity, significant scientific or technical flaws, or deficient in considerable message. Furthermore, articles that differ markedly from our scope will be rejected. However an alternative journal...

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Reviewer's Guide

Peer review is a critical factor in promoting the rigor and high quality of scientific research. The entire scientific community benefits when the peer-review process is timely, thorough, and balanced. The editors of Journal of Experimental Research, greatly appreciate the collective contribution that reviewers make to our journal and the articles they publish. We hope that the guidelines...

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